Job Interview Room

When was the last time you were interviewed for a job?

Do you know about traditional, situational, and behavioural interview questions?

Can you easily pitch your value and close deals in job interviews?

In a job interview, you only have ONE opportunity to sell yourself and prove that you are worth your next employers time and money. Partner with a professional to gain confidence in job interviews!

Interview coaches enable you to enter your next job interview feeling confident. Through interview role-plays and expert advice, you can prepare effectively. Through traditional and behavioural interview practice you will learn how to handle yourself in any job interview situation.

Many people are anxious about the thought of going to a job interview because the process can be intimidating. Your best solution is to go into each meeting knowing exactly what to expect. Interview coaches typically deliver a role-play in the same way as a recruiter would. Sessions empower you and help you to learn the secrets you need to conduct a successful interview.

Interview consultants help you to address all aspects of your background that are likely to raise questions or cause problems. You overcome your nervousness about difficult questions and sticky situations. You’ll practice and fine tune your responses so that you can handle job interview questions with confidence and show yourself in the best light.

Mistry Résumé can train you for your next job interview and help you to get a job offer!

All Job Interview Coaching Packages include:

  • 15-minute telephone consultation
  • Common questions to expect
  • Strategy on how to answer them
  • Questions to ask the interviewer

The POPULAR Package includes 1 hour of mock interview practice in person or via skype.

The ULTIMATE Package includes 2 hours of mock interview practice in person or via skype.

job interview coaching packages

Job Interview Room