Wondering why you should hire an, experienced resume professional as part of your career transition process? Here are some facts and figures about resumes and the job application process.

A recruiter often spends no more than 30 seconds taking a cursory first glance at a resume. As a result, the resume must be concise, accurate, and relevant. It is a reflection of how effective your communication skills are.

During economic downturns, competition for jobs increases. "Free" resume templates and "home-made" documents do NOT help you stand out among the competition.

A job transition can last for months!! Can you afford that amount of time? It has been proven a professional resume can decrease the time spent in job transition by helping you stand out compared to the other candidates applying for the same position. Without a strong and concise cover letter, some recruiters will not bother reviewing the actual resume.

A recruiter often reviews a resume using specific screening parameters (ie. key words extracted from the job description). Some companies use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to "scan" an electronic resume, searching for the inclusion of predefined "key words". Without those "key words" in the resume, your document will be rejected thereby ending the job application process.

A resume serves two purposes: for the Candidate, it is a Marketing Tool; for the Employer, it is a Screening Tool.

A professionally crafted resume can address these facts by being rich with key words pertinent to the position/field you are applying for, capture the reader's attention, stir desire, and generate action -- an interview!

If you are currently seeking a new job, having a professionally written resume will help you stand out from the competition and be noticed by Hiring Managers. A correctly written and presented resume is essential in your quest for success.

Don't risk missing out on your dream job. Trust the experts to assist you in creating a powerful first impression that will get you noticed by hiring managers.

We build and write powerful resumes, crafted according to the individual characteristics of our clients!

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