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I approached Mistry Résumé (Mistry Consulting Services Inc.) because I needed help in creating a professional resume that would become my key tool in applying for numerous jobs. I approached Satish Mistry because I was told from my girlfriend that he has years of experience and would be exactly the right person I needed in helping me create the perfect resume. He was exactly the right person I was looking for and was amazed with the abundance of knowledge Satish has in this field of work. The results were perfect and I could not thank him enough for his hard work and commitment in helping me. One thing I liked was the visual presentation of the resume which blew me away because of how clear and eye catching it was to look at! I found the experience very helpful and very useful. I could tell Satish has a lot of experience and a good understanding of what is needed to have a true professional resume. I would recommend Mistry Résumé (Mistry Consulting Services Inc.) to anybody and everybody because the value you get from them speaks for itself!
Shaif A.

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Six Benefits of hiring professional resume writing services:

Job searching sure isn't an easy thing, and if you are hunting for jobs in metropolitan cities you should stand out among thousands of other applicants. What's the first thing you do? You broadcast your resume on the best job portals in Canada. Then, you wait for the placement agencies or the companies you have applied to call you. But, have you ever thought whether you have a professional looking resume which grabs the attention of employers? Everyday hundreds if not thousands of people apply for jobs on job portals. how do you ensure your resume gets you hired? If you have been job searching for some time without luck, consider writing a better resume. Here's where a resume writer comes in. Resume writers are professional writers, who are experts in making your resume unique from the rest of the applicant pool. Here are the benefits of hiring a resume writer, and why it's such a good investment.

Now you know why it's a wise idea to hire a resume writer. We provide professional resume writing services, making sure your resume mirrors your goals and lands you the job you have always wanted.

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